Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Over the years I've grown very fond of our patients. They have seen our daughter grow up and our life events. But after I lost my mother, I was overwhelmed and felt it was time for me to pass down my job to our daughter, our neice, and our aunt. I appreciate everyone who has been asking about me. Just because I am not physically in the office, I still think of you all often and miss you very much. I needed to home school our youngest grand child, and make up for lost time with him. I started sewing which I hadn't done since my mother taught me when I was 12. I also am enjoying scrapbooking and decorating our daughter's house, from monograming towels to making flower arangements and window treatments. And I am very happy and content, but I still miss you all very much. Please keep in contact and I will continue to post letters and pictures.